Monday, July 1, 2019

Heavy rain in south Gujarat (Vapi-Valsad) Flooding due to heavy rains ​ ​ Ahmedabad

Heavy rain in south Gujarat (Vapi-Valsad) Flooding due to heavy rains

​ There has been heavy rains across South Gujarat. Due to the heavy rains, due to the rains, due to high water condition The areas covered by Valsad. Vapi. Dharampur and Kaprada have been receiving heavy rains since the day. due to which river-nalas have been trapped and new water revenues have started in the dam.
​ intensity was so high that the new bridge near Vakal village of Valsad could not withstand rain water
​ Following heavy rains in south Gujarat. Godavari dam of Dharoi dam and Mandvi in Valsad district has overflowed.  Oranga, Paro and Kolat rivers are also on two banks.

​The bridge between Sialgad and Kosamba has been stopped due to the sinking of the bridge near Siallaj.  The water level is also on the National Highway 48. Apart from this, the Waterworks check dam providing water to the rain-fed city has also been overflowed.

​ Even in Narmada district, the rain is falling.  Garudeshwar and Kevadia dioceses have received 6 inches of rainfall.  Here the houses are filled with water and the roads are submerged.

​ During the last 24 hours, Garudeshwar has 6 inches, 1 in Dediapada. 4 in Tilakwada, 1.5 in Nandod, 1.5 inch rain in Sagbara.
​ In the last 24 hours Vapi diocesan has received an average of 9 inches, average 8 inches in Valsad diocese.  The team of NDRF has been prepared in the wake of heavy rains in Vapi and Valsad.
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