Friday, May 31, 2019

This is the fastest bullet train in the world, whose speed, we can guess that Mumbai can be reached from Ahmedabad in 1 hour.

This is the fastest bullet train in the world, whose speed, we can guess that Mumbai can be reached from Ahmedabad in 1 hour.

 1, the fastest bullet train of the Jana Trial

 The trial of the fastest bullet train in Japan has been started.  This train is capable of running at roughly 350 to 400 per hour.  It is believed that in terms of speed, it will leave China behind.

 2, this fast train will start by 2030

 The trial of the Shinkansen train (alpha) ALFA version has begun.  In about 2030 this train will be used for travel

 3, the speed of this train will be approximately 360 km

 When this train starts in 2030, its speed will be 340 to 360 km per hour.  So it will become the world's fastest bullet train.

 4, the speed of this train is more than the speed of Chinese train

 This train will be capable of running 10 km faster than China's Foxing Train.  The design of this train meets the design of the fusing train

 5, Bullet train will also run in India

 Prime Minister Modi and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan have imposed 320 kmph of Ahmedabad-Mumbai high speed rail corridor in the year 2017.  Under this, the country's first high speed speed (bullet train) will be run.  This train is scheduled to start in 2021-22.
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Thursday, May 30, 2019

Apple's first computer

Apple's first computer was sold for crores

 Know what was his specialty

The same is done in the case of, and, in the same way, as in the case of a person.

 1, Apple's first computer was sold for Rs 3.2 crore

 The same is done in the case of, and, in the same way, as in the case of a person.

 Apple's first computer was sold for 3,71,00 pounds ($ 4,71,000 (about $ 3.2 million))

 Bought this one auction from auction.  Apple's first computer auction was held at Christie Auction House, London.  When I launched the Apple I in 1976, it cost 525 pounds (about Rs 46,500), which today is equivalent to 3600 pounds.  Apple's computer is in full swing.  In this computer, MOS Technologies 6502 microprocessor and 8KB RAM is provided.

 The same is done in the case of, and, in the same way, as in the case of a person.

 2, is the first computer with assembled motherboard

The Apple I computer was released 43 years ago and was the first personal computer with an assemble motherboard.  Approximately 200 Apple I became It is believed that 80 of these computers have survived and are in the current state.  Applied Apple I computer is also equipped with a manual printer, monitor and keyboard.  It is considered a very powerful system in terms of developing programs or playing games or running a basic one.

 The same is done in the case of, and, in the same way, as in the case of a person.

3, this is Apple's first computer, exclusive talk of Apple I

 The same is done in the case of, and, in the same way, as in the case of a person.

 The Apple I computer came as a keyboard or monitor kit without a cover.  In addition, it also has articles written by Steve Jobs and the first Apple logo on the slide.

 The same is done in the case of, and, in the same way, as in the case of a person.

 4, Jobs had to sell their car to fulfill 50 Apple I computer orders

 The same is done in the case of, and, in the same way, as in the case of a person.

 When Apple's Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak brought Apple Computer to Apple Computer, they exempted Apple I owners and destroyed several computers (Apple I).  Apple Computer's 50 computer orders were placed by Paul Terrell of California.  He bought a computer for $ 500.  To fulfill this order, Steve Jobs had to sell his own Volkswagen car and the Woznik HP-65 calculator.  In Christie's website, Apple I is told that the assemble is the first personal computer to be sold with a motherboard.
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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

World's first 5g SIM with 128 GB storage capacity

World's first 5g SIM with 128 GB storage capacity

 1, chin's (telecom) company made a 128gb storage capacity SIM


 In most cases, 4G LTE SIM card is used on every mobile phone.  Maxim gives up to 256 kb of storage.  Some of which can store sms and contact numbers.  Now chin's telecom provider (China Unicom) has launched a 5g sim card with Ziguang Group.  One which provides up to 1TB of storage


 2, different storage options


 In the first super 5g sim card in the world, different storage is also available.  SIM will be available with 32GB, 64GB and 128GB storage.  The company says this sim will soon be launched with 512GB and 1TB storage.



 3, the enterprise-grade encryption system will be equipped with this SIM card


 This sim card is equipped with an enterprise-grade encryption system.  So that users get additional data protection.  According to the company, the SIM, video, music and any large files can also be stored.  At present, there is no information about the availability and availability of this super 5g SIM.  The china company (China Unicom) 5G network will be launched by October 2019.  This sim can be launched by the end of the year.



 4, this (sim card) will only run in 5g phone


 It is worth noting that this super 5g SIM does not work in every handset.  For this, the smartphone will need 5g connectivity support.  It is believed that if this Super 5g SIM is run successfully, then this technique can be found in India.
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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Now with this application you can connect 8 people together with Videocall

Now with this application you can connect 8 people together with Videocall 

 1, this is the application

 After the video call started on WhatsApp, another hammer created this feature for all applications.  After that, Whatsapp Video Launched Group Video Call in a New Update  But now (google duo) is a Google built-in app.  With this app 8 people can join a video call simultaneously.  That means eight people will be able to talk in an online video call.  In the last update, 4 people in Google Duos can join the video call.

 2, there will be a call anywhere in the world

 This video call can be done anywhere in the world, where calls can be made anywhere using the What's App.  Once the app is received from Ios and Android, it will be updated right now.  On the other hand, Microsoft has increased the number of 40 to 50 people simultaneously on Skype.  While Apple's app can talk to 32 members at once with the FaceTime Video Client.

 3, Data Saving mode is also available

 This new Google app will be available with new data saving modes in many countries, including India, Brazil and Indonesia.  Whenever there is a user on Google Duo, the limit of mobile data usage will be set.  Typically, the video receives maximum data when video calls are made.  But Data Saving Mode in this app will also save people's life.

 4, the video message will also be

 If you call the person who can not receive the call, you can send a message to the video using this application.  In which drawing, emoji and text can also be set.  In addition, end-to-end encryption has been provided in Google Apps.
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Monday, May 27, 2019

If you are using True Caller, then it will be shouting All your information is being sold cheaply

If you are using True Caller, then it will be shouting  
All your information is being sold cheaply

 1, if you are comfortable with your work, then you are at risk

 This app now searches everybody's phone, whose name is (True caller) people use this app to know the name of the owner of the call coming from unknown numbers.  With it, people also use True Caller to block unwanted calls and messages.  So if you also use this app then you need to keep choke.  As mentioned in a report some time ago, all data from registered users in this app is available on a private internet forum.

 2, the data of Indian users is being sold on the Dark Web

 A cyber security analyst said that the data of Indian users of True Caller is strictly on the underworld of the internet world called Dark Web.  Selling for one and a half million.  It is important that 60% of the total color users are between 12 to 14 million users.  Value of global user of true collar is between 20000 to 25000 euros

 3, companies accepted the claim

 True Caller, which has paid service to its Indian users by the UPA, has said that there is no hacking in the database with its data secure in this regard.  The Swedish company said that it has seen many cases of incorrect copying of data by its users.  True caller is also offering a premium service in which the customer can search for as many numbers as possible after paying a certain amount.  A company spokesman said, "We have recently discovered that some users are misusing their account.  However, we trust the users that all their information is safe. 

 4, people can get all your information on one click

 However, on seeing a sample of available data for sale, it is found that it contains information about the status of the user's resident, including all mobile providers of his mobile.  Even when a true caller says that all these information is incorrectly misidentified by its users by finding the data.  Jama's Cyber ​​Expert believes that such a large amount of data can be found only after the database is hacked by users.  K.J. of Cyber ​​Security and Privacy Foundation  Prasanna said, 'This is not a normal data but data of financial institutions.  Companies need to be vigilant to protect users' data.
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Saturday, May 25, 2019

Changed air in the last 24 hours ... Big Guys of South Gujarat

Changed air in the last 24 hours ...

 Big Guys of South Gujarat 

 South Gujarat once again turned the direction of the north wind and fell from the city's foreign temperature of 6 degrees.

 But did not sleep from the heat

 The mercury had reached 42.0 degrees Celsius due to the North-East yesterday.

 Today, the maximum temperature was recorded at 36.0 degrees Celsius and the minimum was recorded at 28.2 degrees Celsius.  Due to the high moisture content from 60 to 66 percent in the air, due to excessive heat and climatic conditions eight kilometers per hour air was sealed.

 Specifically, people living in the environment today are roasted in buffalo, and according to the meteorological point of view, according to the weather forecast, the country is currently affecting the western (Western Durburbans) environment and the new  The system is likely to be formed from May 25 to 26.  In these circumstances, in South Gujarat, the temperature is likely to remain in the heat again.

 In South Gujarat, during 2 to 3 days, there is also the possibility of hitting wind along with changes in wind direction.  Today in Valsad with Surat, it was very close.  Mercury has come down to 35.0 and 24.0 degree Celsius.

 As a result, today's buffer position remains in entire South Gujarat.
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India gives back to Pakistan in 24 hours India tests 500 kg deadly bomb

India gives back to Pakistan in 24 hours
 India tests 500 kg deadly bomb

 On one hand, in the outcome of elections in India, it is clear that PM Modi-led NDA government will come back to power.  Given the return of Modi Government, there is an atmosphere of enthusiasm all around India.  In this situation, neighboring Pakistan announced the launch of a ground-breaking (ballistic) Missile Shaheen-2 test.  This missile is capable of carrying nuclear weapons from 1400 to 1500 km.

 Not found.  The Air Force said that such a weapon was successful for the second time.  Integration of this experiment with the aircraft was a complex process.  Because this work needs to be changed within the aircraft (mechanical, electrical) and (software).

 Air fighter engineers changed the software in the aircraft and made changes in Hindustan Aeronautical (mechanical) and (electric), due to which the work was successful.
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Friday, May 24, 2019

Nokia's CEO has acknowledged that the use of the 5G internet can take a lot of time

Nokia's CEO has acknowledged that the use of the 5G internet can take a lot of time

 Women use their mobile phones, Night Light Background (Getty Images / iStockphoto)

 Nokia's Chief Executive Officer Rajeev Suri said on Tuesday that the company that is adopting and running 5G technology is going a bit, because its own technical plans are being merged because it is for a reason of Alcatel-Lucent  Acquisition has been done.

 When asked about regulatory dilemmas against Chinese telecom opponent Hwai, he said: "Maybe there is a long chance but more than that, it is difficult to say this time."


 Suri said in Nokia's annual shareholder meeting, "It is delaying for 5 months in a few months."

 Suri told the investors that the company is confident that the company reaches its annual financial guidance.
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Thursday, May 23, 2019

Water problems in Ranapur due to very little water in Bhadla dam  '

Water problems in Ranapur due to very little water in Bhadla dam


 The problem is not solved despite many aridians

 Jiva Dori is the only water left for only 8 to 10 days in normal dam

 Still the water of the stomach was not healing


 Ranpura is creating a terrible situation of water crisis.  The flood water of Bhadla Dam, which provides water to the urban people, has been found in the dam, due to which there is a serious problem in people's mind due to the remaining water remaining in 8 to 10 days, without taking water in the stomach of politicians  The anger has spread.

 Monsoon has more than a month left now, while the water crisis of Ranapur city is visible to 25000 people and 15000 livestock.  Due to the fierce heat, drinking water is inaccessible, while it is likely that condition of Bhadla dam, which provides water to Radar city, is still going to get worse.  Water remains in the Bhadla dam for 8-10 days.  It has also been felt that political people have changed their face against the people facing water problems for the last one month.

 Elections make big promises by gathering big votes from people, but do not take any concrete steps to discuss water issues or to solve water issues.

 Ward, taluka or district panchayat who can not manage water for the people of Ranpur, it seems that those who have demonstrated faith in political parties, the legislator or MP member stopped answering the people of Ranpur when the time came.
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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

ISRO gets success once again, successful in satellite 'RISAT-2 B' mission

ISRO gets success once again, successful in satellite 'RISAT-2 B' mission

 Indian Space Agency (ISRO) successfully launched a satellite launcher from Sriharikota (PSLV, C) PSLV-C46, India's satellite radar imaging satellite monitoring satellite, I RIUSAT-2B.  The launch was done at 5.30 am on Wednesday, saying that PSLP 46 has successfully established RISAT-2B in the Earth's lower level (Law Earth Orbit).

 According to the information given by ISRO, PSLV-C46 launched its Satish Dhawan Space Station from Sriharikota, located 130 km away from 05.30 AM on its 48th mission.

 The satellite weighs around 615 kg and it is left at the lowest level of the earth after about 15 minutes of launch.  The satellite will help in areas such as secret form, agriculture, forest and disaster management cooperation.

 This launch is important because it is the fourth satellite of the reset satellite.  Keeping an eye on enemies and collecting real information in disaster will be easy.  Considering the service of reset, 300-g reset-2B satellite as well as synthetic spare radar (SAR) image has also been sent.

 According to ISRO, due to the cloud, regular remote sensing or optical imaging satellite can not see the proper position of small activities on the ground.  Synthetic spare radar (SAR) will remove this defect.  If there is clouded with dark clouds or heavy rain or if the night is dark, then a true picture will emerge.  This will help in disaster relief and the security forces will be able to get the right information about the enemy's whereabouts.
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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Google has now shut down the Android platform for Huawei's mobile phone (Huawei) mobile will no longer run Google's app

Google has now shut down the Android platform for Huawei's mobile phone (Huawei) mobile will no longer run Google's app

 Last week, the US blacklisted (Huawei), according to this order, Google took action

 (Huawei) is preparing for its mobile (oprating system) under Plan B

 Gadget desk has been banned by the American Trump government on Thursday after the Chinese telecommunications company (Huawei) was included in the trade blacklist, which allows US (Huawei) to do so.  Will work with companies based in  Hard

 Google banned the use of Android on the order of the U.S. government (Huawei), but after that (Huawei) smartphone will not have access to Google Apps.  Google also banned Huawei's blacklist created by the US Department of Commerce.  Companies in the United States entity list can not trade without the domestic firm's license.

 (Huawei) is launching its own (oprating system)

 (Huawei) has not received any response yet.  However, two months ago, Consumer Products Division CEO Richard Yu said (Huawei) is planning to set up its mobile (oprating system) under Plan (B).

 Ben Wood of CCS Insight Consultancy in the Technology Market Sector says that Google's decision (Huawei) may cause consumer business problems.  However, (Huawei) can use the version of the open-source version through the use of the operating version.

 (Huawei) is the world's largest telecommunications equipment manufacturer and second largest smartphone vendor company.  In America it is suspected of spying for China.  On the other hand (Huawei) has denied allegations of security threats from its equipment.

 Last year (Huawei) CFO Meng Wangzhi was arrested in Canada on the request of the US.  Now they are on bail.  The US is trying to release Meng again.  Meng was arrested for breaking American sanctions on Iran.

 Access to the version of the oprating system available through an open source license, which is called Android's open source project (A, O, S, P), which is available free for any user that you use  Want to do  According to Google, around 2.5 billion active Android devices are in use worldwide.  If sources are considered, then Google will stop using Huawei to extend its applications and services, providing technical assistance and collaboration.

 A business with Alphabet Google has been suspended, which requires hardware-software and technical services, but open source is openly available through license.  Sunday's news organization Reuters said that the Chinese technology company is in the US.  The US government wants to blacklist the world.

 Holders of existing (Huawei) smartphones with Google Apps will be able to use the updates provided by Google.  You can also download with it

 Chipmaker, which includes Intel, Qualcomm, Zillian and Broadcom, has asked its employees not to provide the software for a longer time (Huawei).  Bloomberg reported this Sunday by quoting people familiar with the matter of economic world news on Sunday.  According to sources, details of specific (Huawei) specific services are still being searched internally on Google after the suspension.  (Huawei) lawyers are studying the effect of the blacklist.
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Monday, May 20, 2019

Will come into the market soon, 'veggie eggs', know what this egg will be made of

Will come into the market soon, 'veggie eggs', know what this egg will be made of 

​         The issue of eating and drinking is mainly divided into three categories of society.  Vegetarian, non-vegetarian and egg eater (agitarian).  Some people believe that eggs are vegetarians in urban culture.

​ However, people living in rural areas are still not ready to accept egg as vegetarian.  Doctors are advised to eat eggs to remove the deficiency of protein in the body, but the vegetarians do not fully accept this advice, so now the vegetarian eggs are coming soon to remove their problems.

​ '

​ In fact, it is not an egg, but there will be a substance that will provide proteins that get your body from eating eggs.  For those who do not eat eggs, a large company has launched a food called 'Liquid Egg Substitute'.  It is made entirely of moong dal.

​ '

​ The company plans to launch this year in the Indian market.  The company claims that this product, launched as an egg substitute, has received great response in the United States.  Hopefully, Indian vegetarians also accept it
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​ How much time has come to fill filling a vessel over filling?

​ How much time has come to fill filling a vessel over filling?

 Water is life - this saying came true because without water life is not possible.  Water is connected to the life of a person.  Those who get water easily.

 Those people who inadvertently waste water.  Even today, there are small villages in many states of India, who get drinking water very difficult.  There are many villages in Darbhata Taluka of Bastar district in Chhattisgarh state of India who drink water.  After filling one ceramic water, it is OK to fill the other.

 In many villages of Darbhanga taluka of Bastar district, water problems are increasing in hot days.  Therefore, filling more than one pot is fined.  This decision was taken by the Gram Panchayat to stop the misuse of water.

 With the lack of water resources here, the ground level is also very low.  In Laundry village, about 25 to 30 km from the headquarters of Bastar district, the Panchayat has issued notices to stop the consumption of water.

 According to the notice given by the Y Panchayat, take water in a vessel and take water.  If you bring more than one pot, then you have to pay a fine of 50 rupees per meter
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Sunday, May 19, 2019

How much work Ahmedabad has done, 14-15 years have not solved this serious problem

How much work Ahmedabad has done, 14-15 years have not solved this serious problem

 Ahmedabad is now heading towards metro-city and megacity.  But there are still many areas in the city where people are yearning for drinking water.  The locals believe that even after the system was released several times, there was no solution of water problem today.

 Ahmedabad city has become a naming town on the world tour.  At the same time, Ahmedabad city has been given the title of Heritage City by UNESCO ... but in today's city many areas are living among the lack of facilities.

 Speaking about the problem of drinking water for the last 14 to 15 years in the area of ​​Haran Chaiyya in Nicobar area of ​​the city, the problems of this area have not been affected due to the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation.

 Every year Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation is spending millions of rupees for the development of the city.  But during the summer there is no special scheme for drinking water in the city.

 But today, in Nicole Ward of the city, drinking water is popular in six Nicole wards, people have been fighting against drinking water problems for the past several years.  Also, the purity of drinking water is also found to be negligible.

 In this area, the amount of waterborne diseases is also very high.  Now it is time to see when the problem of water in this region will be solved.
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Saturday, May 18, 2019

Moderate change in atmosphere in the Ahmedabad region, rain with air

Moderate change in atmosphere in the Ahmedabad region, rain with air

 The weather department predicts monsoon from Kerala on June 6.  In Gujarat, the rainy season has started to appear.  It is raining this evening after heavy heat in Ahmedabad.

 Rainfall occurred in Ahmedabad (Bopal), (Sg Highway), (Boddev), (Textpur).  After heavy dust storm with heavy winds, rain stopped in Ahmedabad.  (Bopel) - The rain is accompanied by a well ventilated air (in the air).

 There are sudden changes in the atmosphere today in some areas of Saurashtra.  Rain accompanied with hail in the area of ​​Nagshree, (Mithapur), (Himal), where rains have occurred in villages including Khambha (Bardhan,) (Pindi), (Chaucer).

 According to the information received, the rainfall of Kamachi in Jhampa taluka has been affected by the wind.  After the unbearable heat in the morning, people got relief from the heat when the rain accompanied the gazwaj.  Rain has been felt in Jaffarabad taluka (Lohar) of Amreli district, (Khesari, Mansa), Samachita villages.

 Mango is likely to be damaged after heavy rains.  However, people who received cold wave in the atmosphere due to the rain were relieved from heat.  The next day, in the coastal villages of Amreli district, it rained with wind.
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Iran's open threat American warships on our target

Iran's open threat American warships on our target

 The relations between the United States and Iran have begun to break, though US President Donald Trump has said on relations with Iran that America does not want to move forward in war.

 But in the meantime, angry Iraq has given the United States open (hazard) too.

 America and Iran have come face-to-face because America has given new restrictions by dismissing the nuclear deal in 2015.  Apart from this, eight countries of the world, including Iran (India) and China (China), had recommended the purchase of crude oil from Iran, the relations with Iran have been greatly reduced.

 The US has sent two major warships to Iran.  Along with this, about 1,15,000 soldiers are also being discussed in Gulf countries.

 This is being seen as the next preparation for the war.

 In response, Iranians also have a large tiger deck.  Iran (Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps) interacted with Force News Agency

 IRJC deputy commissioner Saleh Joker said that capable missions capable of hitting our short distance can make America's warships very easy to target in Gulf countries.
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Friday, May 17, 2019

Climate change in Amreli district starts rain with these areas

Climate change in Amreli district starts rain with these areas

 High wind cyclonic circulation created in Rajasthan and Pakistan yesterday saw a change in the atmosphere of Amreli district.

 In the Khamba Duba, it was rained with heavy rains.  Apart from this, there was severe rain in Savarkundla's rural areas.

 The atmosphere has cooled down due to the rain.

 According to the information, there was a sudden fire in the atmosphere from this morning in Amreli district.

 Because of which black clouds suddenly fell into the shoulder of the shoulder.

 At present, there is heavy rains with Gazavi.

 Apart from this, rainy season has started in Ambaji and donor areas.

 If we talk about Saurashtra, then Savarkundla - Rajpal - Vajpadi - Chadala - Vavra and Chikhli have started rain.  weather wise

 Due to rain forecast in Gujarat, there is hope of rain in many parts of Saurashtra.

 Apart from this, there are chances of rain in two districts of Banaskantha and Sabarkantha.  The Meteorological Department is also estimating rain and hailstorm with wind speed at 35-40 kmph.

 Yesterday, there was a lot of grief in Banaskantha

 In Tharad and Vava Diu in the evening yesterday, Bharad fell in love with the wind.

 Hurricane and storm damage  In which a farmer died due to falling power on the farmer.  When two buffaloes had embraced death too.
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Stole personal photo from woman's mobile at Chandkheda

Stole personal photo from woman's mobile at Chandkheda

 A marketing manager of his office, who was working as the center manager at IANT Computer Institute on NG CG Road in Chandragada, lodged a complaint against Acharya in the police station on Wednesday.

 From the office work, the woman gave her mobile phone to the teacher.  Pardah Acharya took his personal photo from the woman's phone and threatened to make viral, the woman informed the director and did not take any action.

 Ianant Computer Institute, a Surgeon on Chandrhekha New CG Road, was working as a Center Manager

 In May 2018, Manish Barot joined the office today as a marketing manager.  They were in touch with each other because they had to work with Manish and Seva on information about the students of the institute and other matters.

 In the division, Manish gave mobile hands in the work of the office, who stole a personal photo division of Manish from the mobile.  Blackmailed by asking the photo to be viral by Manish Section

 Director Ajay Vyas had informed the division, but the institute refused to complain that one name was bad and due to the excess demand of Manish, the division had left the job in November 2018.
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PVC pipe company sums up Rs 3 crore in water pipes in Sabarkantha

PVC pipe company sums up Rs 3 crore in water pipes in Sabarkantha

 The whole of Gujarat is surrounded by water crisis.  Day is increasing day by day.  Despite being in a hurry to bring water to the villages of Vadli taluka of Sabarkantha district, the farmers PVC pipe company with the help of the poor farmers lime of 30 million with farmers and now they have no choice but to commit suicide.

 Based on the information found in this incident, water problem is very big for BP resident of Vadli taluka of Sabarkantha district.  For whom 70 villages had been collected, Dhoroi Dam constructed more than 30 million water for irrigation.  The farmer from PVC pipe company, Wadali, started work by buying a pipe from the dealer, but had to break the pipes coming in the water.

 Farmers introduced pipe to English dealer on this issue, but dealers of Pip Red Taluka paid no attention to the farmers' point of view.  After this, the farmers tested pipe in the Department of Technology Chemistry and Petrochemicals in the Government of India Lab in Ahmedabad.  There was a big explosion in the lab.  It has been said in the report that pipe is bad and PVC pipe company does not provide quality pipes.  After the Lab's report, the farmers came to know that they had committed fraud of millions of rupees.

 The farmers told the local dealer about the Lab's report, but the local dealer sold it to the company.  The dealer said that the goods I got by the company have given the same amount to the farmers.  I had no responsibility

 After this incident, 70 people of the world are now confused.  What do you do that the situation has arisen.  Farmers have gathered large numbers of 14 km of pipelines.  Turning the motor all pipe breaks down.  No response from the dealer or company.  That's why farmers are in trouble.

 On one hand, nature was attacked for water and on the other hand, the pipe company chased farmers from farmers ... Now farmers have not got any option other than suicide.
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The big news came with rain, when the rain will start and how will it rain this year

The big news came with rain, when the rain will start and how will it rain this year

 There is sudden heat in the country.  People are waiting for the rainy season.  This time the people of the country are very excited about the monsoon and when it will start.  The news of monsoon is coming against important news.

 Afternoon] K.K. MER DOCOMO: The Weather Information Agency has said that the monsoon in India will start from June 4 next.  According to the Meteorological Department, the date of commencement of the coastal coast of Kerala, as always, will start from June 1, i.e. after some time.  Skype predicted the rainy season.

 K.Mer Docomo: This time the possibility of delay of monsoon may be delayed.  According to the weather agency, this time monsoon will be weak from normal.  The rain will be slightly lower.

 Skytite CEO Jatin Singh said that this season, there will be less rainfall than normal in all four areas of the country.  Eastern, northeast we do less rainfall than in the North West India and the southern peninsula.  Eli has expressed the possibility of weakening in the monsoon season this year.  With the growth of the season it will be weak.  The Meteorological Department has estimated the monsoon season to be 96 percent normal.  5% of the rainfall can be below the rains.

 According to the Meteorological Department, the probability of excessive rainfall in monsoon season is usually 2%.  While 10% normal rainfall is expected.  The above-normal rainfall means that the probability of 96 to 104 percent rainfall is 39 percent.  Coalition or more than normal rainfall is more than 50 percent.

 According to the Meteorological Department, the probability of generally less rainfall is 32%.  When the probability of less than 90 percent rainfall is 16 percent.  If the rain decreases by 90 percent in the monsoon season, then dry can be declared.  That is, this year, there is a 16% chance of drought-like monsoon.

 According to the agency, Somasu will reach the Andaman Nicobar Islands on 22 May.  Last month, SkyMate had also forecast rain forecast this season.
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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

America will not sell this fighter plane to the world and to any country except India

America will not sell this fighter plane to the world and to any country except India

 American aircraft company Lockheed Martin has said that if he receives orders to purchase 114 fighter aircraft from India, then he will not sell it to other countries.

 Prior to the large-scale purchase deal, competition between American, European and Russian companies has already been started by Tycoon Airplane Company.

 Vivek Lale, vice president of Strategy and Business Development for Lockheed Martin, said that if the F-21 contract gets, then India will be part of the company's global fighter planes, which will be a $ 165 billion market.  There Red said in an interview that the new fighter aircraft were prepared with the view of working in more than 60 air force stations in India.

 Important steps include the ability to load better engine metrics, electronic warfare and weapon load.

 He said that we will not sell this platform and configuration to any other country in the world.  This is a significant commitment from Lockheed Martin and it underscores the importance of India and its unique needs.

 Let us tell you that last month the Air Force had issued an RFI (Request for notification) or initial tender to purchase 114 fighter aircraft at an estimated cost of 1 billion dollars.  It has been seen as the biggest military purchase in recent years.  Among the top contenders, Lockheed's F-21, Boeing's F / A-18, Rafael of Das Aviation, Eurofighter typhoon, Russian fighter aircraft MiG-35 and Gripen of Swedish company.

 Official sources said that the Indian Air Force is working to finalize a major deal keeping in mind Balakot attacks and emerging security conditions in the area.  Lal said that if Lockheed contract is found then he will set up an F-21 state-of-the-art manufacturing center with Tata Group.  In this way, the blast will also help in the formulation of the overall development system for the protection of the country.

 On the issue of F-21 and Lockheed's F-16 Block 70 fighters, he said that such a perception is not appropriate because there is a big difference between the two platforms.  He said that F-21 is quite different from different phases, including the availability of AIR frame, war capability, engine metrics, engine options.

 Lockheed demonstrated F-21 during Aero India show in Bangalore in February.  The company has said that the specific requirements of the Air Force will be met.
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Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Dark world of the Internet

 Dark world of the Internet

 Do you know what is Surfaces Web, Dark Web and Deep Web?

 Generally the whole world is using the internet, but did you know that the vast majority of the Internet is that we can use it for about 4-5 percent of the share?  What we use (internet) is called (Surface Web).

 The Internet is divided into 3 parts.  (Surface Web) - (Dark Web) and (Deep Web) Are You Web The Seraph - Dark Web - Dip Web - What is Chai?

So today we will learn about 3 parts of the internet.

 What is Surface Web?

 When we search for information in google or yahoo and the result you get through link (web surfing) which we can direct.

 What is Deep Web?

 You will not see search results in Google or Yahoo  Either a website (CMS) or another cloud storage file that you can not find in Google or Yahoo Search results.  When you share a link to a website, you can use any link) CMS Cloud Storage

 In essence, a link that is kept away from people.  (Private), which is called Deep Web.

 What is the dark web?

 Now if you talk (dark web), then this is a different thing.  The first thing you do every day

 (Browser - Google - Chrome - Firefox - Safari).  Because the black ends of the web is onion.  Like (.com) - (.in) or after (.org)

 If you want to explore in a dark web you can find a special browser.  The Ionion domain will be nearby.  What do you think of the Dark Web?

 Is the use of the Dark Web (illegal)?  No….  Do not use dark web (illegal).  But it depends on how you use your work and how it works.

 Many (illegal) work is done in the Dark Web.  For example, (hackers) the sale of stolen data, credit card dummy transactions, (online drug trafficking) online is done e-legal.  But that does not mean that the dark web is completely (e-leglie).  There are many sites where you can use legal items.

 Dark Web is another name (Black Web).  But it is known as Dark Web.  Compared to Deep Web, the dark web is different from the Web.  There is hardly a random order that you do not use it.
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Friday, May 10, 2019

According to the prediction in the 300-year-old tradition, Maharashtra, will the PM become the Prime Minister or not?

According to the prediction in the 300-year-old tradition, Maharashtra, will the PM become the Prime Minister or not?

 The result of the 2019 Lok Sabha election will be on May 23.  But before that many astrologers and marine scientists will announce the next PM on the basis of their own estimates.

 Some of these advertisements have been done on the basis of 300 years old tradition of Bhandaval region of Bulandana in Maharashtra.

 According to tradition, a vessel of water is thrown inside the ground.  On this pot, a leaf and a rupee coin are kept, after which it is kept in a beacon.

 If this happens in the Beetle then one person will sit on the PM's chair.  But if the Beetle lives in its own premises then that person will again become the Prime Minister, who is presently.

 It is said that the beetles remained in their place.  Meanwhile, a debate has begun that Modi will again become the Prime Minister

 On the basis of this tradition in Bhaldvarna of Boldhwan, rain and crop estimation is also done in the area.

 The spread of pulse-rice, wheat and potato papad around the pot, in the range of 1 to 2 diameter.  If the seed is in its place then the rain is good and the crop will also be good.  If seeds become so much then both are bad and if any seed grows in the crop then the crop and the rain will be similar.

 This is predicted by the people of the region (Sarang Bharbag Maharaj).

 This prediction is done every year.  According to the previous year's prediction, 60-75 percent of the crops and rain, (economy) and (terrorist) attack were said to be correct
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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

What is a full name of the computer?


 were first designed for this purpose
but later their purpose
 diversified so the name continued,
 In the modern times it has been
 given a
                  full form of
C - Commonly
O - Operated
M - Machine
P - Particularly
U - Used for
T - Technical and
E - Educational
R - Research.
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Tuesday, May 7, 2019

After the closure of crude oil from Iran, there is another resentment in America in India

    After the closure of crude oil from Iran, there is another resentment in America in India

 India has stopped buying crude from Iran for the second time after the United States (US) sanctions imposed on Iran for the purchase of crude.

 America has given India a new tension.  US Secretary of Commerce (Wilbur Ross), who was to take part in trade forums, said on Monday that the United States has been able to compensate India for the loss of crude oil at subsidized rates due to the ban on the purchase of cheap crude oil imported from Iran.  Can not guarantee sales.

 Since the ownership of oil is privately owned, the government can not force them to sell raw materials at a lower rate.  It is worth noting that the purchase of crude oil from Iran has been beneficial for the Indian refiner because it had 60 days to pay, and such facilities would be available to other countries.  Such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, Nigeria or the United States.
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Mamata Banerjee attacks Modi

Mamata Banerjee attacks Modi

Mamata Banerjee attacks Modi

 In the midst of Lok Sabha elections, Mamata Banerjee (Prime Minister) attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi.  CM Mamta Banerjee said that I do not consider her PM, so I did not get her from.  I do not want to see them on a stage.  I will talk to the next PM.  We can take care of damage caused by cyclone.  We do not need the help of the Center before the election.

 West Bengal Chief Minister Mamtaji said that she wants that her 56-inch chest should double to 112 inches because she wants all the people's health best.  Apart from this, Mamta Banerjee, while emphasizing her party to be secular, said that the goal of TMC is T Temple (Temple) MS Mask {Masjid} and C-Church (Church of God).  Earlier, Modi attacked Mamta and said that under Banerjee rule, West Bengal was known as Tihadi T-Trinamool, Terrorism [Organization Fear] and Tax.

 Mamata Banerjee said that before telling the TMC a mastermind, the Prime Minister should show the people how much they earned from the ban on bondage.  Mamata Banerjee accused Modi of not willing to talk to anyone because she was afraid of CBI and IT.
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Good news for Indians will be able to invest in the US even after studying के लिए अच्छी खबर छात्र पढ़ाई के बाद भी अमेरिका में निवेश कर सकेंगे

        Good news for Indians

 Currently there are good news for nearly 2 lakh Jatla Indian students studying in the US.  After completion of the study, the US District Court has banned the Immigration Department's visa policy immediately for the declaration of the presence of Indian students who live in the US.  Due to the visa policy of the immigration department, immediate relief was given to nearly two lakh Indian students.

 US District Court order has prevented the US State Citizenship and Immigration Service from applying a visa policy.  The court issued an order to stop international students from joining the United States presence (illegal).  According to the US State Citizenship and Immigration Service Visa Policy, any person who lives illegally for more than 180 days before departure from the United States or not in the United States for the next 3 years.  In addition, in the United States, people living illegally for more than 1 year can be stopped there for 10 years.

 Students will be able to invest in the US even after studying

 After the order of the US District Court, immigration service can not consider the presence of foreign students illegal in the country.  Even after the study, students will be able to invest in America, although their presence is not considered illegal.  In Gilford College, The New School and many other colleges, the District Court appealed against the visa policy, after which the court gave this relief to the students.

 After the court verdict, Mayor Brown's partner and case counselor Paul Hugh said that our purpose is to give international students their rights.  The new immigration policy has spoiled the immigration process for more than two decades.  Immigration Department implemented the visa policy on August 9, 2018.  Foreign students are living in the United States after the visa policy or after completion of the degree, then it is considered illegal.  According to earlier rules, students could have lived in the United States 6 months after the end of the visa period.  According to the current rules, after the visa is completed, students can stay in the US for six months.
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Monday, May 6, 2019

Friday, May 3, 2019

What is the meaning of jio?

      What is the meaning of jio?

Yes, it's
full form is (Joint Implementation Opportunities). According to Wikipedia, Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited or Jio is an LTE mobile network operator in India.and It's most loved Sim operator in India.
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.COM means..?

.COM means..?

               .COM means

 "Top level domain for commerce" So now you know - .COM means "Top level domain for commerce" - don't thank us. YW! What does .COM mean? .COM is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the .COM definition is given.

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Jamjodhpur caught while stolen by soil from malfunction land

Jamjodhpur caught while stolen by soil from malfunction land

Mineral stealing in Jamjodhpur province

  Junk drive run by Junnakhalpur, Junakhal Mamtaldar team, was done after police illegally removed soil from Kharba land by the police.

  Mamladar has called a ghung on illegal land mines in Jamjodhpur.  Illegal stones and laden trucks have also been caught.  Mamtaldar took action against those who did not take the soil without getting out of government duties.  They seized two tractors, two JCBs and two trucks from Jamjodharpur Chur and seized lakhs of rupees for theft.

  Mamlatdar was informed that illegal clay is being kept outside the lease in the government building in Chur village of Jamjodhpur.  JCB, two tractors and two trucks were seized by closing the soil on the basis of intelligence, the vehicles which were illegally dredging were seized.  The police took action.  Over the past few days, the new dealer took over the proceedings on the underworld.
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Thursday, May 2, 2019

Merchants demanded to start a new train from Okha-Mathura

After taking over the new DRM of Rajkot West Railway, visiting the inspection of Okha Railway Station, Parameswar, Kukve came and inspected all the places of the railway and gave necessary instructions.

Railway Manager of Rajkot division, visiting Jamnagar's Okha Railway Station, giving necessary suggestions to see both the plate form, parcel room, waiting room.  In which DRUCC members Deepakbhai, Deerbhai, were present along with Jitubhai Gokani.  The motto of Dwarkashdhari was offered and Dhadhakdhariji was introduced and a written train was started to start the new train of Okha-Mathura and made an oral presentation to pay oke railway station and use toilets.
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Two girls have topped the results of class 12,

Two girls have topped the results of class 12,

Two girls have topped the results of class XII, which was released on Thursday by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE).  These include Hansika of DPS Ghaziabad and Karibesh of SD Public School in Muzaffarnagar.  Both have received 500 to 499 points.  If you talk about a lot of castes, then only one mark has broken into English.  In the remaining political sciences, history, psychology and music, there are 100 out of 100 points.

  Hansika's father Saketh Kumar Shukla is deputy secretary in the Rajya Sabha.  When his mother is a teacher in Meena Shukla VMLG (Degree College).  Hansika's dream is to become an IAS and teach the children that due to the lack of education, children can not study because of lack of money.

  Topper Hansika said that he had worked hard in English.  Hansika's first choice will be Delhi University and she wants to study psychology.  Hansika said that he is very fond of badminton and swimming.  this

  Hansika said in an interview that his credit goes to his teacher and family.  Hansika said that he had worked hard but never thought that he would make the top.

  Three girls have come together jointly on the second number.  Rishikesh's Gaurangi Chawla, Rai Bareli's Aishwarya and Jind's 498 are jointly tied together with Mark.  At the third, there are 18 students, 11 of whom are girls.
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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

GST Full Form & GST Meaning

GST Full Form is Goods and Services Tax.
Before learning more about Goods and Sevice Tax, let’s try to understand how taxes in India work. The Government of any country needs money for its functioning and taxes are a major source of revenue for a Government. The taxes thus collected are spent by Govt. on the public.
These taxes are broadly classified into two types : Direct Tax and Indirect Tax
  1. Direct Tax – Direct Tax is imposed on the Income of an individual. The amount of Tax payable varies on the income earned by the individual from various sources such as salary, house rent income etc. So, the more you earn, the more tax you pay to the Government which essentially means the rich pay more tax in comparison to the poor.
  2. Indirect Tax – Indirect tax is not imposed directly on income of individuals. Instead, it is imposed on goods and services which in turn increase the cost MRP) of Goods and Services. Unlike direct tax, indirect tax should be borne by the end customer, rich and poor alike., There are many indirect taxes. Some of these are levied by the Central Government whereas some are levied by the State Government making the indirect tax system an extremely complicated system.
GST has been introduced to replace multiple indirect taxes levied by State and Central Governments in order to simplify the indirect tax system.
GST has replaced almost 17 of the existing state and central indirect taxes (more to come in the future) such as central excise duty, additional customs duty, VAT, entertainment tax, service tax etc.
It is called as Goods and Services Tax because it is applicable on the supply of both Goods and Services. Click for understanding GST with a simple example.

GST Meaning in various Indian Languages

GST meaning in Arabicضريبة السلع والخدمات
GST meaning in Bengaliপণ্য ও পরিষেবা কর
GST meaning in EnglishGoods and Services Tax
GST meaning in Gujarathiસામાન અને સેવાઓ કર
GST meaning in Hindiवस्तु एवं सेवा कर
GST meaning in Kannadaಸರಕು ಮತ್ತು ಸೇ ವಾ ತೆರಿಗೆ
GST meaning in Malayalamവസ്തുക്കളും സേവന നികുതിയും
GST meaning in Marathiवस्तू आणि सेवा कर
GST meaning in Nepaliसामान र सेवा कर
GST meaning in Punjabiਗੁਡਸ ਐਂਡ ਸਰਵਿਸਿਜ਼ ਟੈਕਸ
GST meaning in Sindhiسامان ۽ خدمتون ٽيڪس
GST meaning in Tamilபொருட்கள் மற்றும் சேவைகள் வரி
GST meaning in Teluguవస్తువులు మరియు సేవల పన్ను
GST meaning in Urduسامان اور خدمات ٹیکس
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Learn!  Best wishes and greetings to Gujarati on Twitter by the history of the state, Modi and the President

Learn! Best wishes and greetings to Gujarati on Twitter by the history of the state, Modi and the President

Today is the establishment day of the state of Gujarat.  On August 8, 1956, the foundation of the Mahagogarh movement was laid.  August 8 to October 2.956 is considered to be the second phase of the Mahagurjat movement.  The foundation of Gujarat was laid by Indulal Yagnik, the pioneer of the Mahagolata movement.

  Apart from this, on May 1, 1961 Gujarati language State Gujarat was established.  At that time, the first Chief Minister of Gujarat, Dr.  Jeevraj became Mehta.  You may be surprised to know, but the truth is that he was sworn in as the first minister of Gujarat under the Neem tree.  Swearing ceremony was held at Sabarmati Ashram.

  Today, Gujarat Gaurav Divas is celebrated with great fanfare.  Today people will be honored by the Gujarat government in different areas.  Under this, 60 wells will be given 'Gujarat Gaurav Gotha Award'.

  Prime Minister Modi thanked the Gujarati people on Twitter on the foundation day of the state.  Congratulating Modi, he said, "Happy day of Gujarat, Gujaratis are known for adventure, research and commercial well-being.  Good luck to get new heights of state Kirti Jai Jai Garvee Gujarat!  '

  President Ramnath Kovind also congratulated the people of Gujarat on Twitter.  Tweeted to him that I congratulate all the citizens of Gujarat on the day of the establishment of Gujarat .. !!  In the coming years, with many progress and prosperity in the coming years, the state wishes success with many successes ... !!
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